Certificate or Diploma Tuition Fees - £1,400 per person (in full or monthly, see below)


Registration Fee (additional and non-refundable) - £100

Application Fee (one-off) - £20



Payment in Full (discounted tuition fees)


  • Registration Fee and Application Fee as above

  • Tuition Fees - £1,260



Monthly Payment Plan 

  • Registration Fee and Application Fee as above


  • Tuition fees - 20 consecutive monthly payments of £70 



Married Couple (discounted tuition fees)

  • Registration Fee and Application Fee as above - £200

  • Tuition fees - £2,000 (pay in full or 20 monthly payments of £100) 

Please Note:

  • All monthly payments to be paid by standing order by the 5th of each month.

  • The cost of any required course reading books is additional to the tuition fees.

  • Further information about applying to CBC and more details about the college in general can be found on our FAQs page.

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  1. Download an application form (below).

  2. When you have completed the application in its entirety, meeting all requirements, and have signed and dated it, please submit a scan or photocopy by email or post (see Contact page) including a £20 application fee and passport size photos.

  3. Give out personal and ministerial recommendation forms ASAP. Then follow up to ensure your referees have completed and returned them to the CBC office.

  4. Once your application is processed, you may be invited for an interview.

  5. Decide upon and notify us of your payment plan (see 'financial information' above). 

  6. An email confirmation will follow notifying you of the result of your application.

  7. Register for classes on the date given.

Overseas students - you must ensure you meet all the necessary visa requirements before submitting your application. Please visit the UK Government website ( for further advice on studying in the UK.