What distinguishes CBC from other Bible/theological colleges?

At CBC, we believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God, which is able to transform lives through the supernatural power and working of the Holy Spirit. Our curriculum not only delivers a solid foundation in the core doctrines of the Christian faith but also emphasises the fundamental principles of faith, hearing the voice of God and being led by the Holy Spirit – thereby, equipping you to fulfil everything God has called you to do.

What is CBC’s purpose?

To train and equip believers through the practical application of biblical principles, preparing them to become effective ministers and leaders in their family, church, marketplace, and community.

What denomination is CBC?

We are technically non-denominational. However, our beliefs are in line with the Pentecostal set of beliefs.

Who attends CBC?

Our students are made up of a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and ages (minimum entry 18 years). Some enrol after secondary school, while others have already started a career and/or family, and some are even retired. Our students are from all walks of life and in all seasons of life.

Is CBC for me?

Yes! Whether you feel called to full-time ministry or the ministry of helps, or you would simply like to study the Bible in greater depth, CBC is the college for you! While ministry training is an important part of CBC’s vision and mandate, our overall mission is to equip believers to live successfully and reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Our Certificate programme is designed to see students grow stronger in their relationship with God and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. For those who feel called to full-time Christian ministry, our second-year curriculum offers specialised courses providing more hands-on training.

What is Weekend Bible College?

Our Weekend Bible College offers flexibility to study on a part-time basis for those working throughout the day. Weekend Bible College runs over four terms every academic year and takes place in a lecture-hall setting, usually every three weeks on Friday evening: 6:30pm – 9:30pm and Saturday: 9:15am – 4:30pm (no Friday evenings during 4th term).

Does CBC offer online correspondence courses?

No, we do not offer online courses. We strongly believe that our students receive vital spiritual “deposits” by attending live lectures in an atmosphere of faith.

What holidays/breaks does CBC take?

We do not meet during the local (Bristol City Council) school holidays or over bank holiday weekends. Wherever possible, students should plan their holidays and other appointments around the CBC calendar so as not to miss any lectures. To download an academic calendar please visit our News & Events page.

Do you hold open days?

Yes, we hold open days throughout the academic year where prospective students can attend our lectures. Details can be found on the academic calendar as well as on our News & Events page.

How much does it cost to attend CBC?

The total fees are £1,500 per person (£1,400 tuition fees and £100 registration fee) for our Certificate and Diploma programmes, which includes a £100 non-refundable registration fee. Details can be found on the Apply page.

In light of COVID-19 and possible future restrictions on public gatherings, will the Bible college operate?

Yes, the Bible college has been running via Zoom video meetings during the recent UK lockdown, and provision is in place to continue with live online lectures should circumstances dictate.

Where is CBC located?

The college is located within the premises of Carmel City Church off the Bath Road in Brislington. See our Contact page for further details.



When can I enrol?

Our Weekend Bible College gives you the flexibility to enrol at the start of any term throughout the academic year. Details can be found on our academic calendar located on the News & Events page.

How do I apply to Carmel Bible College?

Download an application form by clicking here, email info@carmelbiblecolleg.org or call the CBC office on 0117 9775536.

How will I know if I have been accepted to study at Carmel Bible College?

You will receive a letter of acceptance via email.

What academic qualifications do I need to apply?

There are no academic qualifications required to study at CBC. However, students must have a good understanding of oral and written English and have access to the internet.

When are the registration and tuition fees payable?

Accepted students are welcome to pay their registration and tuition fees in full at enrolment. Students using our monthly payment plan must pay a £100 registration fee upon enrolment followed by 20 consecutive monthly payments of £70. All monthly payments are to be paid by standing order by the 5th of each month. Details will be provided at registration.

If I attend another church, can I change church and worship at Carmel City Church whilst attending CBC?

One of our goals at CBC is to strengthen the local church. As CBC is hosted in a church facility, it is especially important that students do not leave their current home church to make the host church their home church while they are attending CBC. Students are not permitted to change churches during their time of training at CBC or, during the 6 months after they finish their training at CBC (exceptional circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the dean)

Does CBC award scholarships?

It is our belief that every believer should have the opportunity to attend Bible college. Scholarships may be awarded on a discretionary basis to any student who demonstrates they do not have the financial means to attend CBC. Please contact the CBC office for further details.

Will I be issued with a student manual?

Each student is issued with a detailed student manual that covers all areas of student policy and financial policy.



How many years does it take to graduate from CBC?

Our Weekend Bible College takes two years to graduate for either the Certificate or Diploma programmes.

Is there much homework?

There is minimal homework. However, some courses have a reading requirement that may mean you need to read a designated book or a portion of the Bible. It is recommended that students review their course notes regularly throughout the academic year.

Are the course reading materials provided?

No. All reading materials are at an additional cost.

What is the method of assessment?

All courses have either a written assignment or an examination.

Do I have to attend all lectures?

Attendance at all lectures is compulsory. Students are expected to be alert and play an active part in the learning experience. Your ability to maintain a good record of attendance is a vital part of your training and is evidence of your ability to be self-disciplined and faithful to what God has called you to do while also demonstrating reverence for the Word of God and respect for the faculty at CBC.

What happens if I miss lectures?

CBC has a best practice of students attending over 90% of lectures during the year. Minimum attendance for each term is 75%. If attendance falls below this, you will not graduate (extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration). Students are expected to catch up using lecture audio recordings and to take notes in addition to the student guide.

Are there any aids to learning?

For most courses, students are issued with a student guide that contains a detailed outline of the course structure and additional notes and scripture references. The student guide does not replace the need for students to make their own notes in each lecture and keep them in an organised manner

Can I earn a degree while attending CBC?

No. On successful completion, CBC graduates can earn a Certificate in Biblical Studies or a Diploma in Ministerial Studies.

Are lectures recorded?

All lectures are audio recorded and are available for attending students only to download and listen to (no extra cost) during your time studying at CBC.



Is there computer and internet access in the lecture halls?

Free Wi-Fi is available to the student body while on the church premises.

As a CBC student, are there requirements outside of college?

Every student must be committed to a local church and be in regular attendance throughout their time at Carmel Bible College. Each Sunday, students are required to attend a local church service. Students are also required to serve in a ministry of helps programme and record their involvement in a logbook provided by the college.

Can a student launch into ministry during their studies at CBC?

We request that no student launches out into ministry during the duration of their studies at CBC without first consulting with the oversight of CBC.

Is there a mission trip?

Yes. There will be an opportunity to join a short-term mission trip throughout your studies at CBC (currently suspended due to COVID-19).

Do you provide drinks?

Yes, we provide tea/coffee and biscuits at no extra charge.

What happens at lunchtime?

Each student is responsible for providing their own food. A microwave is available to use in the church kitchen. There are several catering outlets located next to the church which includes: Greggs, Subway, McDonald's and Starbucks. Students are welcome to purchase food from these outlets to consume on the CBC premises.


Does CBC have a dress code?

Yes. It is the desire of CBC that students dress modestly and in good taste. Our dress code is smart-casual. Please refer to the student manual for more details.

What is the college schedule?