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Term 3 Courses (over Zoom)

We meet on 12th/13th February, 5th/6th March, 26th/27th March, 23rd/24th April 2021.

If you would like to attend any of the courses please register by emailing info@carmelbiblecollege.org stating which course(s) you wish to attend. Please note that during the current lockdown and until further notice all lectures will be delivered online over the Zoom Meetings platform. Participants will be sent a meeting code and password to log in to lectures. You can also register by using the form on the 'Contact' page www.carmelbiblecollege.org/contact.


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Saturday 31st October (Zoom)


On Saturday 31st October we ran a 'Biblical Chronology Overview ahead of the Eschatology Course starting in Term 2. In total there were 30 participants joining the Zoom meeting not only from Bristol but from around the UK. The full 12 lecture course is scheduled again for September 2021.   

Time is the backbone of history. Biblical Chronology is the study of time throughout the Bible – from eternity past to eternity future. Taking the work (over the past 200 years) of Sir Edward Denny, Grattan Guinness, Arthur Ware, Frank Paine and Roger Price, this overview provided a simple journey through the principles of Biblical Chronology.

Friday Evenings on Zoom Video Conferencing


Friday evening lectures continue over Zoom. Saturday's lectures will continue to be held at Carmel Bible College,



WBC Moves to Zoom During UK Lockdown

Since the UK lockdown measures were put in place on 23rd March 2020, the Weekend Bible College has moved to the Zoom video platform. Although both lecturers and students have missed the lecture-hall setting, the technology has allowed the college to continue successfully with live lectures as well as facilitating on-screen catch-ups


Next Student Enrolment 

During the current lockdown please contact info@carmelbiblecollege.org to enrol at CBC.

Date: Saturday 8th May

Time: TBC

Location: Hall A - Carmel Bible College (follow signs on front door of Carmel City Church to Carmel Bible College side entrance )