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Open Days 2021/2022

Why not join us at one of our Open Days during the academic year. 

Term 1 - Saturday 13th November

Term 2 - Saturday 29th January

Term 3 - Saturday 23rd April

Term 4 - Saturday 18th June

Please contact the CBC office for more details.


Individual Courses

You can enroll to to study individual courses during the academic year. Please contact the CBC office to  register. 

Term 4 (begins Friday 7th May)




For Certificate course descriptions please click here.

For Diploma course descriptions please click here

For lecture timings please click here , select 'College Life' and then 'What is the college schedule?' . 



Next Enrolment 


Date: Saturday 19th February, 2022

Time: 9.00 am

Location: Hall A - Carmel Bible College (follow signs on front door of Carmel City Church to Carmel Bible College side entrance )


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