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Graduation Ceremony 2021

Why not join us for our next graduation ceremony to be held on Sunday 5th September at 10.00 am at Carmel City church.

Academic Year 2021-22

We're looking forward to the start of the next academic year on Friday 10th September. Registration is open so please visit the 'Apply' page for more details.

See the table below for details of Term 1 courses.

For Certificate course descriptions please click here.

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For lecture timings please click here , select 'College Life' and then 'What is the college schedule?' . 



In Term 1 of the Certificate programme the students will be studying 'Biblical Chronology'.

Time is the backbone of history. Biblical Chronology is the study of time throughout the Bible – from eternity past to eternity future. Taking the work (over the past 200 years) of Sir Edward Denny, Grattan Guinness, Arthur Ware, Frank Paine and Roger Price, this overview provided a simple journey through the principles of Biblical Chronology.

This course is essential for understanding the times we are living based on God's prophetic calendar .



Next Enrolment 


Date: Saturday 11th September, 2021

Time: 8.45 am

Location: Hall A - Carmel Bible College (follow signs on front door of Carmel City Church to Carmel Bible College side entrance )


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